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Yeah, I'm not good writing these things. Basically, I'm a 19 year college graduate with a Technical Diploma in Airport Operations. I don't really know what I'm doing with my life. I'm majorly lazy so I hold a very on and off relationship with tumblr (but we have history). I like watching a lot of HBO and British programs, making tea, reading murder mysteries, and online 'window shopping' for my future life. If you have a TARDIS, whisk me away. Otherwise, stay frosty.

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Sun Run 2012

So, I’m doing the Sun Run this year. 10 km? No problem. Ha ha, might just pass out or something. And I signed up to do it with the club at my school because my friend is on the committee. Then I found out that 6 other people signed up. Our chief instructor, the associate dean of transportation, a flight instructor, my friend, her pilot boyfriend, and the pilot who that gif in the last post is about. This should be fun.

  1. sammysoysauce said: You’ll rock it.
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